GELATO 41 FOR SALE ONLINE. Gelato #41 is a hybrid strain that is high in THC and offers a heavy, relaxing body high without clouding the mind. Gelato 41 is made by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies.


Gelato, also known as Larry Bird, is a hybrid strain with a fruity, dessert-like scent. It is a cross between Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet.GELATO 41 FOR SALE ONLINE. The buds of this strain have dark purple tints illuminated by frosty, white resins and trichomes and orange pistils. These buds produce a lot of flavors including mint, orange, lavender, cookie, sweet, berry and oak. Gelato have well balanced sativa and indica properties, so it’s an excellent medical cannabis strain. It have high THC levels and can be use to treat chronic stress. Gelato have balanced relaxation and stimulation effects. If you want to relax but still stay alert, then this strain is just right for you. Happy 90% Relaxed 89% Euphoric 71% Uplifted 68% Creative 59%


Girl Scout Cookie strains is for their walloping levels of THC, and Gelato  41 is among the most potent. Yet it is a fantastic functional smoke. This Gelato gives you none of the physical or mental lethargy that often accompanies high levels of THC

Why is gelato so expensive?

Cost on average, gelato 41 costs 30-50% more than ice cream. Flavor & Texture: Because there is less fat and air in gelato, the flavors are richer than ice cream. Despite its reduced fat content, they have a wonderful creamy texture and will melt in your mouth
The Strain: A Dessert-Like Hitter That Delivers On Flavor And Euphoric Highs. The Gelato 41 strain, also known as Larry Bird, is arguably the most popular exotic cannabis strain on the market today. This celebrity strain comes from Cookies Fam and Sherbinski breeding together Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint GSC


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