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Alaskan-thunder fuck. Alaskan Thunderfuck is a sativa-dominant. With a complicated genetic history. It is said to have originated in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley. As a cross between an unnamed Northern California strain. And an unnamed Russian ruderalis. (a less-seen genus of cannabis distinct from either indica or sativa). Bcause of thc

Alaskan Thunder Fuck 

Alaskan Thunder Fuck. Also known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck or Matanuska  because its smells good Tundra. Is a legendary sativa-dominant strain. It is thought to be originated. In the Matanuska Valley of Alaska. The legend says it first appear in Northern California. because Then cross with a Russian ruderalis. Then in the 70’s. because The strain have. Afghani genetics breed. in for increased heartiness. Alaskan Thunder Fuck. Is known for its ability to create an intense head-high. In medical cannabis. It is a popular choice for chronic migraines.  Sleep disorders and stress. Happy_93% Euphoric_89% Uplifted_79% Creative_71% because of high THC level and is the most powerful kush

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Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF or Matanuska Thunderfuck, originates from the Matanuska Valley north of Anchorage, Alaska.because This sativa hybrid. Is one of the most popular strains from the 1970’s. because And its bold name makes it hard to forget. This heavy bud creeps up on you providing a monster body. Buzz and uplifting head high. ATF lasts a long time. And the intensity seems to progress with time. This full bodied. Hybrid is a cross between Haze. Northern Lights. Skunk and Highland Oaxaca Gold .Alaskan-thunder fuck.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a strain with many names. You can also find this sativa. Under the aliases Matanuska Thunder Fuck. Matanuska Tundra. Thunder, and ATF. As is perhaps obvious.because  ATF is an Alaskan-borne strain. Hailing from Matanuska Valley. This lady first entered the cannabis scene in the 1970s. According to cannabis lore.  ATF is a Northern California strain. because Cross  with Russian ruderalis and a little Afghani. The result is an energizing. Clear-headed sensation with a slow onset. Expect the high THC content of this strain. To creep up on you. Thanks to its creative and uplifting nature. Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a great strain for daytime use. because it is a good strain.


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